3179 Scranton Rd. 

This building is the future home of the Forward Mind & Body Wellness Center and will house a yoga studio and two treatment rooms on the first floor. Commercial space will be ready by October 2018, and two apartments will be available for rent in Fall 2018. 

The renovations are extensive, however, we are restoring as much of the historic home as possible, while making the apartments more functional and the commercial space more desirable. 

This building is an excellent example of SoTre Properties goal of attracting both residential and commercial space to the Tremont neighborhood, specifically along the Scranton Rd. corridor. 

The front of the old bodega at the start of the renovations.
Frequent travelers along W. 25 St. may remember the light blue siding on the building. Here you can see what is underneath as it is removed. 
The main entrance to the bodega will be removed.

New picture windows were installed on the front of the building. This space will house the yoga studio. 
The side entrance was renovated and will be used by clients as they arrive for one of their treatment appointments.
The main entrance to the Wellness Studio was moved to the side of the building along Buhrer Ave.