2328 Holmden Ave. 

This location will be the new home for the Forward Living SoTre Properties offices. It was acquired because of the unique characteristics of the house, it is a Greek revival, and because of its large quarter-acre lot. During restoration we will be preserving and restoring the second-floor micro-apartment, and on the first floor, creating office and storage space for our daily operations.

The lot will also feature garden space, beehives, and eventually a chicken coop. This is another example of how SoTre Properties is not just saving a home, but building a community.

The front door will be the entrance to the upstairs micro-apartment. 
A second entrance that will lead into the main lobby of the SoTre Properties office.
A back entrance into the office. 

Work on the outside has begun with the siding being removed. 

Work has also begun on gutting the interior. 
A new roof is being installed. 
Skylights are being added. 
So are new windows. 

Work on the backyard has begun.


The layout of the upstairs micro-apartment is coming along. 


The downstairs layout.